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40% of women in the U.S. either "used to enjoy sex but lately have no interest", "Wish I could regain intimacy but how?", "Have tried conventional treatments for improving desire but they have failed, now what?" and "know I deserve to enjoy intercourse at any age, don’t I?"


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Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead where all roads lead to the satisfying sex life you’ve been missing.  Our wide range of treatments have been formulated to enhance your mood and add an element of playfulness to your intimacy; try one or try them all!



This quick, in office procedure administered every 3-4 months is an all-natural bioidentical testosterone replacement designed just for you! You will experience a sexual energy and desire like never before. 


Kiss Shot

A tiny shot that’s easy to administer at home when you want to create instant passion.   This shot will refocus your mind on sexual gratification and the sky’s the limit!  


Sexy Candy

Here’s the sweet to take when you want to make your sexual experience even more pleasurable.  Our unique prescription mint candy that takes sex to an uncharted, explosive level. This tiny mint delivers good vibrations down below where they need to go!

Love shot

Similar to the kiss shot, you’ll have a head trip PLUS heightened

sensitivity, making touch and skin to skin contact even more pleasurable.



This no pain, lunchtime procedure stimulates and regenerates vaginal collagen without surgery or anesthesia.  As we age, vaginal tissue begins to sag, causing a lack of sensation for both and your partner.  You’ll experience lasting improvement through increased intravaginal contact for unparalleled heightened sensitivity. 


Most Unbelievable O 

Take your orgasm and vaginal sensation to the next level with this perfectly placed injection using your bodies ‘Ohhh-factors’. For this injection into the vagina, we use growth factor from your own body.


Don’t waste another minute feeling frustrated by sexual dysfunction.  Reclaim your power and start living your best life—TODAY.

“Sexual empowerment for women is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life” – Dr. Alex Ferro, M.D. 

Dr. Ferro, a residency trained obstetrician and gynecologist, built a successful OB/GYN practice in Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, Florida and now directs the medical programs at Juventis MedSpa. Focused on sexual wellness and anti-aging medicine his unique blend of expertise led to the development of this powerful women’s sexual wellness solution.

Dr. Alex Ferro, M.D.