Meet the Juventis Team
Dr. Alex Ferro, our Medical Director




Hear Dr. Ferro talk about Testosterone Pellets

Amy Jaramillo, our Scientific Director

Amy has been active in the American Academy of AntiAging since 2010 and was invited to join as a thought leader in the Founder’s Group of the International Peptide Society in 2018 and continues to be an integral part. She is the interface between science and medicine. She leverages the most accurate tests with Advanced Symptom Analysis Techniques (ASAT) to get to the bottom of health issues. Amy Jaramillo, CEO, Founder and Scientific Director of Body Science LLC, Juventis Medspa, BiomeIQ and MTHFR Experts.

Meet our NEW injector Yuni Medina

Yuni Medinan, Nurse Practitioner and certified aesthetic injector, has been a leader in the field of Medical Aesthetics and Facial Cosmetic Injectables for over 15 years.   Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, Yuni is an expert in the areas of dermal fillers, dermal thread therapy, IV therapy, neuromodulators, sclerotherapy, and plasma for skin and hair restoration.  Having received advanced training in multiple techniques including the Julie Horne Russian lip filler technique, she is incredibly skilled at achieving a natural youthful appearance safely and beautifully.   


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