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Simply Eating Too Much

Hard to say NO to food.  
Binging and regretting. 
Too many social or office parties with food.  
Routinely falling off diets


Women with 
Hormone Issues

Symptoms including facial hair, migraines around your period, heavy, crampy or   irregular periods, hot flashes. 
Women in menopause or peri-menopause. 
History of menstrual    irregularities.  
New Moms who can't lose their baby weight. 
Diagnosis of PCOS.


Men with 
Hormone Issues

Men who want to lose fat and build muscle.  
Spare tire that you can't get rid of.  
Gaining weight faster than you used to.  
Declining libido or  energy with increasing belly fat. 
Symptoms of Low  Testosterone.  


Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic

Diagnosis of diabetes or Anyone developing diabetes.  
Easy weight gain from eating carbohydrates or sugar. 
Feeling sleepy after eating carbohydrates.  
If you have a mother, father, sibling or child with diabetes


Active Seniors

Seniors have unique needs to stay healthy, fit and vital.  
This program focuses on the nutritional needs with Medicare covered nutrient testing essential to your well being. 

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