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Aesthetics Treatments

Juventis aesthetic treatments, call and reserve your spot NOW!!
Toxin $10 Unit and $450 Full Face (up to 50 units), also specials on Fillers, Lips.

PDO Threads

Normally $50 Each. Get 10 for $40 each, 20 for $35 each or 

30+ at $30 each

Lifting Threads, $200 each (Minimum of 4 per session)

Compounded Phosphatidylcholine/Sodium Deoxycholate (PCDC) is injected directly into the fat under the chin. The injection contains a naturally occurring substance in the body, deoxycholic acid, which helps the body absorb fat cells. When properly injected, it helps destroy fat cells. Multiple treatments with injections need to be given at least one full month apart for optimal results in most cases. Consultation required.

PCDC Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy involves injecting to dissolve fat, FDA approved medications such as Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC) micro-injections which are injected locally into the targeted treatment areas. Normally $375 Session


$75 OFF 1 Session

$150 OFF 2 Sessions

Get the 3rd session for FREE with the purchase of 2 session at full price

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