Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) uses hormones derived from natural plant sources to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels. Pellets, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones that provide optimal therapy. 

Unlike typical oral and transdermal forms of therapy, which can produce “roller coaster” hormone levels, resulting in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient, Hormone pellets typically provide consistent and sustained hormone levels throughout the day for up to three to six months. 

Improve mood and energy, ​improve metal acuity, ​improve libido and sexual performance, ​increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and ​reduce anxiety and depression

Dr. Ferro talks about Testosterone Pellets
Do you need Testosterone?
Are you a candidate?
What is the procedure?
​Advantages of Pellets
​Does testosterone revert aging?
For Women
For Men
  • Increased bone density

  • Relieved anxiety and depression

  • Significantly improved libido and sexual performance

  • ​Improved mental acuity and decreased mental fogginess

  • ​Increased quantity and quality of sleep

  • ​​Improved symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome

  • ​​Increased muscle mass  

  • ​Decreased fatty tissue 

  • ​​Heart protective and coronary vasodilator

  • ​​Brain protective and restored memory 

  • ​​Did not increase the risk of stroke

  • ​​Did not adversely affect the liver

  • ​​Decreased the incidence of Alzheimer’ disease

  • ​​Thickened skin and improved collagen 

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