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eMatrix PRO y Dermapen
Terapias de Rejuvenecimiento de piel


¿QUÉ ES eMatrix PRO?

eMatrix PRO es un dispositivo de radiofrecuencia bipolar de última generación que activa el endurecimiento instantáneo del colágeno y la producción de nuevo colágeno y elastina hasta en un 30% con cada tratamiento de acuerdo con la FDA, El equipo eMatrix es una radiofrecuencia fraccionada.
Su acción fundamentalmente transcurre en dermis profunda donde entrega la energía selectivamente a través de una matriz de 64 diminutos electrodos.

La comunidad médica estética la considera la mejor tecnología para el estiramiento de la piel, la eliminación de decoloraciones, la eliminación de líneas finas y arrugas y la eliminación de cicatrices.
Esta tecnología restaura la piel dañada a su condición anterior de forma permanente.
Para la remodelación facial, generalmente se requiere un ciclo de 2-4 tratamientos a intervalos de 4 semanas.

Eliminación de cicatrices
Reducir y eliminar las cicatrices de la cirugía y las heridas, que incluyen:
Picaduras de acné, cicatrices de aumento de senos y cicatrices de abdominoplastia

Corrección de color
Eliminar manchas rojas y marrones

La remodelación de colágeno y elastina crea elevación, reduce la flacidez y reafirma la piel.

Eliminación de arrugas y líneas finas
Estas tecnologías están destinadas a eliminar las líneas finas y las arrugas mediante la producción de nuevo colágeno y elastina.

Color Correction
Remove red and brown spots
Improvement elasticity, radiance, acne scarring, texture, wrinkles.
Safe for use in ALL SKIN TYPES.

Collagen and elastin remodeling creates lift, reduces sagging and tightens skin.
Softer, smoother skin in the treatment area.

Fine Line and Wrinkle Removal

These technologies are aimed at removing fine lines and wrinkles through the production of new collagen and elastin
Great for wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

What can I expect during and after eMatrix?
Mild to moderate redness and swelling can be expected for 2 days
A topical numbing treatment may be applied 30 min prior to treatment
Matrix pattern on the face lasts 3 to 5 days but can be easily covered with make-up
Multiple treatments are needed to achieve the best results (3 treatments one month apart are recommended)

Juventis eMatrix patient

Juventis eMatrix patient

Reproducir video

Juventis Patient during treatment


Dermapen skin needling also known as microneedling is increasingly being accepted by the people and is one of the most innovative rejuvenation therapies available today for treating various skin problems.

It is very natural that as we age the production of the fibroblast cells that stimulates the growth of the collagen and elastin diminishes, which will result in sagging of the skin, appearing of wrinkles and fine line and loose skin.

It is very important to stimulate the production of the collagen and elastin for healthier and younger looking skin and this can be done with the Dermapen skin needling treatment.

Dermapen skin needling will create the micro-injuries which will ultimately trigger the growth of fibroblast cells that will stimulate the production of collagen resulting in plumper and smoother-looking skin.

Basically, the Dermapen skin needling helps the skin to repair itself after it has encountered any physical damage like cuts, scars or any other physical damage. When an injury occurs, your skin will destroy the old, damaged tissue that causes acne scarring and wrinkles and will replace it with freshly produced collagen. This treatment is best for all the skin types and tones, especially for the people who are facing a problem like acne scarring, wrinkling, fine lines and dilated pores.

You might know that Dermapen skin needling treats the full face for the skin rejuvenation but it’s not restricted only to face; it can also treat the other areas of the body like the abdomen, legs, arms, and hands. It can safely treat all forms of scars like acne or surgery scars, abdominal scars, stretch marks, burn contracture scars and also the loose body skin.

Fractional Microdelivery Technology provides unparalleled collagen production.  
Awarded the BEST ANTI-AGING DEVICE at the Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, this unique micro-needling device creates new collagen below the skin by

(1) triggering the release of the growth factors for new epidermal growth

(2) stimulating the production of collagen III, IV, and I and elastin for firm tight skin and

(3) tissue remodeling to remove or reduce discolorations, fine lines, and wrinkles and scarring.
4-6 treatments in 3-4 week intervals are recommended.

Why choose Dermapen skin needling over the surgical treatments?
  • The Dermapen skin needling gives you rejuvenated and plumper skin with no pain, minimal discomfort and with very little downtime

  • In this therapy, disposable needles are used which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

  • The depth of the needles is adjustable and this allows for a treatment customized to the patient’s needs

  • Being the most advanced treatment, it can easily treat the hard to reach areas like around the nose, eyes, and lips

  • Needles are injected vertically so that it can easily penetrate scar tissue

  • It is the most controlled and consistent treatment that yields optimal results

  • It causes less pain and redness for the patient

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